Privacy Policy


The Provider attaches a great deal to the privacy of its users. Therefore, we have drawn-up a separate privacy policy, which is an integral part of the Provider’s General and Specific Terms & Conditions and Supplementary Conditions. You will acknowledge that the Provider will be entitled to collect and process “personal information”, “financial information” or “demographic and user information” (“the Information”) in relation to the Service. By using the Provider’s Service you are agreeing to this privacy policy, the copyright policy and the General and Specific Terms & Conditions. If you are unable to agree to these terms, then you will be unable to use our Service. Unless otherwise explicitly stated the General and Specific Terms & Conditions, the copyright and privacy policy are applicable on all new applications, which extend or improve the current Service. We would therefore recommend you consult these pages regularly. This website and WAP site (“the Sites”) are the property of and are managed by the Provider (“we” or “us”).

Modifications to the privacy policy

We reserve the right to modify, extend or limit this copyright policy, the privacy policy, as well as the General and Specific Terms and Conditions at any time. Given that all modifications will be included in these pages we would advise you to regularly consult these pages. Your continued use of the Service and use of any potential extensions and improvements to the Service will be taken to assume that you agree to the modified Service.

The information we collect

We collect and process “personal details” (details which may be used to contact you, such as your full name, (postal) address, telephone number, email address and MSISDN (“(‘mobile station integrated services digital network number'”) and/or details relating to SMS messages received from or sent by Provider, “financial details” (such as credit card numbers, information about your bank account numbers or passwords) or “demographic and user’s details” (information provided by you or which we collect, that is neither personal nor of a financial nature, but which is required for our Service to work properly and is necessary for payment of our Service, such as the nature of the Service, the make and type of your mobile telephone, start dates, the end and duration of your use of the Service, the type of browser you use, web browsing patterns and your IP address), associated with the Service. We reserve the right to pass on your personal details, your financial details and/or demographic and user details (“the Details”) to your mobile network provider and/or your gateway service provider in order to guarantee payment of the amounts owed. Information of this kind collected by the Provider may be stored and processed in the country where the Provider or companies associated with the Provider in a group have facilities. By using the Service you are agreeing to the cross-border exchange of your Details.

How we use your details

The Provider will provide you with an extensive offer of online and mobile entertainment and information content via the Service. We will use personal details in order to provide our Service, as well as for our Customer Service. Your personal details will be used by us to answer your queries, process your transactions and for sending offers, improvements and for promoting our Service via SMS messages and via the Sites. We will be entitled to use your personal details, unless you expressly inform us not to, in order to contact you about our services, products, aspects of the Service we believe you may be interested in or for other purposes which may arise from time to time. We may also use your personal details in order to contact you about the use of our Sites or alterations to our privacy policy, Copyright policy, the General and Specific Terms & Conditions or other conditions concerning the relationship between you and use of our Sites. In addition, we may use the Details to improve our content and navigation on our Sites or for other internal purposes. Finally, we reserve the right to share your personal details with other business partners who wish to contact you concerning their products and services and who will potentially want to offer you the opportunity to acquire these products and services. Some countries will not allow us to send you advertising message without your prior explicit approval. It may therefore be possible that the above information does not apply to you. If you should select to “opt-out” of us sharing your personal details with business partners for commercial purposes, we would ask you to inform us of this at the point you provide us with your personal details. If you change your mind at a later stage you can send an email to the address referred to on the Sites or via the Service you have been informed about. You are also able to call us on our Customer Service number, which can be found in the Specific Terms & Conditions. After this point we will no longer share your personal details with third parties. We would like to point out that the removal of your personal details or changes requested by you will not take effect immediately. We use anonymous personal details for internal purposes and in order to help us in offering the Service and for interactions with visitors to our Sites. We also reserve the right to individualise anonymous data and to adapt the Service to you and to send you targeted advertisements based on “keyword searches”. We may also combine the Details we collect with third parties or generally available details with your Details. When you register for the Service or for the use of other aspects of the Service, we will collect your mobile telephone number and the identity of your mobile network provider. By using the Service you are agreeing for us to provide your mobile telephone number to our partners and third partners where this is necessary for processing your transactions. These third parties may consist of mobile network providers and/or gateway service providers which are used by the Provider in order to process the transactions. We may utilise third parties hired by us to help us operate the Service for you, such as authorisation of your transactions and we may share these details with these parties for limited purposes. If our company is sold or merged with another business or the company is declared bankrupt, some or all of your collated details will be passed on to a third party. Finally, we may provide your details to certain parties if required by law or where this safeguards the security of the Provider or users of the Service.


We may make use of “cookies” on the Sites in order to improve your experience on the Sites. Cookies are objects which we transfer to the hard drive of your computer via our Web browser in order to allow our systems to recognise your browser and in order to provide your computer with certain features. Cookies by themselves are unable to tell us anything about your email address or other personal details, unless you choose to provide us with these details, for instance, by registering on the Sites. However, once you become one of our clients and provide our Sites with personal details, these details will be linked to the data stored in the cookie. Therefore, we use cookies to support your use of the Sites and to improve the content and Services on our Sites. For instance, we may use cookies to personalise your visit to our Sites (for instance, in order to recognise you when you return to our Sites). You may change your browser settings which may lead our or other website providers’ cookies being refused. You should consult the “Help” section of your browser for more information. However, we would like to point out that some pages on our Sites are only accessible with the aid of cookies or similar objects and you should be aware that blocking cookies or similar objects may prevent you from accessing some contents or Services.

18 + or older

Neither the Service nor the Sites are intended to be used by children. There may be instances that we inadvertently collect personal details from users who have not reached the age specified in the Specific Terms & Conditions. These details will be removed.


The Sites may contain links to other websites. The Provider has no control over these websites and is not responsible or liable for the availability or content, advertisements, products or other material stored on these websites. The Provider cannot be held responsible or liable, either directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss resulting from or caused by another user relating to the above. Your access to and use of the linked websites, including the contents therein, is entirely at your own risk.


The safeguarding of your details is of great concern to us. We employ the best industrial technology to safeguard the security of your information. Unfortunately, there is no 100% guarantee that the data transfer via the internet and via the mobile communication network is safe. The consequence of this is that, although we will do everything we can to protect your details, we are unable to guarantee that the information you send through us is totally secure.

Access to your information

The Provider will offer you the opportunity to revise or remove the personal information you have provided us or to change your preferences by sending an email to the address included in the Specific Terms & Conditions, describing whether you would like to change your details or remove them from our database, or whether you wish to opt-out of receiving messages from us or from third parties. You can also contact us on the Customer Service number found in the Specific Terms & Conditions. The removal of details or opting out of receiving messages from the Provider or third parties will only ensure that the data is removed from our database with the aim of stopping future communications from us and third parties. This removal will have no effect on the information that has already been collated and which has potentially already been shared with third parties, as described in this privacy policy. We would advise you to contact these third parties directly to remove the personal details, which they may potentially use to contact you.


You may contact us for any questions and/or comments regarding our privacy policy.
If you have any questions, please contact Seaman2u via email (